Clear Quartz____________Amethyst_____________Clear Quartz

This is another excellent double point terminated clear quartz crystal for healing. Measures- Length115mm -Thickness 23mm Weight 85g 
Very powerful and such energy is amazing!!


This crystal is so awesome, It stimulates the third eye like no ones business.
Size: Height3.9"(99mm) Thickness1.4"(35mm) Weight0.3lb(130g)
$65.00 a real deal!


 This big daddy will blow your chakras wild!!!!!!!
I may keep it for myself so you better grab it before i get tooo attached to this baby I have seen terminated point half this size go for 200+ and this energy booster is goign for a mere $125.00 
the measurements of this giant are: Height 8.9"(225mm) Thickness2.2"(57mm) Weight1.6lb(705g )
Yup thats right almost 2 friggin lbs!!!!  A natural one too not reconsitutued this is hard to find in this size in a natural state for clear power reconsituted crystals dont seem to work the right way at least not to me so seeing these honkers is a special treat!!

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